Free Popsicles at West Elm This Saturday

Frozen treats are always delicious, but with a solid ten months of cool weather, Seattlites know the importance of loading up on cool treats when the thermostat approaches warm. Maybe that’s why we graced you with TWO free ice cream posts last week, and have even more this week. Today we’re focusing on popsicles, which, if you follow my Pinterest boards and general dessert buzz, seem to totally be the new ice cream sandwich, which was the “it” treat of 2011. But who cares about trends- popsicles are delicious, and if you go to West Elm this Saturday, August 4, they’re FREE!

FREE Popsicles? Yes please! And the nice folks at West Elm aren’t just handing out Otter Pops from Costco. From 1:00-3:00pm this Saturday, August 4, West Elm is the place to be to get a FREE handmade popsicle from local dessert mavens Six Strawberries. Admittedly, I’m extra partial to Six Strawberries and have been stalking them ever since they launched earlier this summer. But trust me, if you try their Ranier Cherry flavored popsicle, you’ll be on the bandwagon instantly. And don’t even get me started about their Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor. Nom.

Why is West Elm giving out FREE popsicles? It’s part of a celebration for getting 10,000 “likes” on their facebook page. Yeah, I’m a little jealous (but if you want to make me feel better, go “like” us so you can get the latest news on awesome free and cheap stuff), but I’m more than happy to drown my sorrows in free popsicles. And while I’m there, I’ll definitely be checking out their latest offerings. (Want a preview? Check out Fresh Jess’s take on their latest offerings.)

Okay, so with all this FREE ice cream talk, where does your favorite frozen treat come from? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or the comment section below!

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