Founders Day Festival Chili Cook-off Fundraiser

Always the over-planner, I’ve gotten so obsessed with my Fourth of July BBQ menu (inspired by the greatest cooking class ever- more on that next week) that by the time Saturday rolls around, I’m not even going to want to heat up some Easy Mac. (Don’t judge me, that stuff is delicious and made up approximately 33% of my total food intake in college.) But thanks to the Founders Day Festival Chili Cook-off in Belltown this Saturday night, I don’t have to even turn on the microwave! Instead, for just $20, some of Belltown’s finest restaurants and bars will do the cooking for me. Score. And it’s for a good cause! Double score.

So here’s the deal- on Saturday, July 7, from 6:00-9:00pm, eight rockstar restaurants and bars will compete for the title of “Belltown’s Best Chili” (actually, it says an “interpretation” of chili, so I’m excited to see what that means) in an effort to raise money for the Founders Day Festival in August. For just $20 (buy your tickets here), you get entrance to the big event and a chance to nosh on chili from this ridiculous line-up:

Um, yeah, that’s the sound of your stomach rumbling. Your ticket entitles you to a 2 oz sample of each variety of chili- yes, that’s a pound of freaking chili for your hungry belly- plus free soda and lemonade. (What? No booze? You guys, this is freaking Belltown. Just wander down the street and you’ll hit like, twenty bars before you find your bus stop. Plus, with all that chili to fortify yourself, you might wake up not feeling like crap on Sunday.)

I’m not usually a Saturday-night-in-Belltown kind of girl, but the promise of two varieties of chili from McCracken-Tough food empire is incentive enough to get me out. And I’m kind of obsessed with the Rabbit Hole for all my dive-bar needs. Also, see the above pre-rant about not wanting to cook.

The best part is, of course, that all the money raised goes to help fund the Founders Day Festival, a weekend-long celebration of Seattle’s, and specifically Belltown’s, fascinating, and often shady, history. Read more about the festival here, and get your ticket to chili bliss now. Then tell us what your favorite variety was on Facebook, Twitter or the comment section below!

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