Bike to Work Day: Friday, May 18

Whether you sail around town on a big ole’ beachcruiser (and if you do, bravo for making it up Seattle’s nastier hills, because that takes some serious muscle) or dart around the city on your fixie in tight pants, this Friday is your day. May 18 is F5 Bike to Work Day, and no matter where your commute takes you, there’s a party (and probably a free water bottle) somewhere in Seattle just for you, brave bike commuter.

(photo courtesy of the Cascade Bicycle Club)

Seattle boasts one of the nation’s most active local bicycle organizations, The Cascade Bicycle Club, and F5 Bike to Work Day celebrates everything that they stand for- making it easy to get more people out of cars and on their bikes. This year they’ve set up 42 Commuter Stations in and around Seattle to help out both novice and experienced riders alike. Stop by any of these stations (or take the scenic route and hit a couple of them) to get FREE¬†souvenirs, raffle entries, coffee¬†and snacks. You can also get your bike checked out by an on-site bicycle mechanic and, if you find yourself falling in love with your new biking lifestyle, join the Cascade Bicycle Club at a reduced rate. Use this cool interactive map to find stations near you.

As if free coffee and self-satisfaction wasn’t enough, there are also a bunch of pretty cool parties happening all over town to celebrate F5 Bike to Work Day as well. At 7:45 in the morning you can join a group ride from the KEXP headquarters (113 Dexter Ave N) to Seattle City Hall, where Mayor Mike McGinn, along with some other uppity ups, will hold a bike rally from 8:00-8:30am. Expect to find more swag and coffee, as well as enthusiasm.

Just due north, in Ballard, it’s all bikes, all day. KEXP will be broadcasting live and hosting live performances at Bergen Place Park from 10:00am-6:00pm. (I know it’s called “Bike to Work Day”, but I don’t see anything wrong with celebrating “Call in Sick and Go To a Free Concert Day” instead). Then, starting at 4:00pm (at least leave work early for this one), downtown Ballard becomes a street fair celebrating all things bicycle. Head over for more free music, samples, vendors, and a chance to ride the Dutch Bike Company’s 7-person bike. At 6:30pm there is even a biking fashion show, so you can learn how to look cute while you brave the busy streets.

Just added! Start celebrating early! Tonight, ride over to Slim’s Last Chance Saloon in Georgetown for FREE carnitas tacos and $2 PBRs. This Thursday kicks off their weekly Two Wheeler Dealer. This will continue every Thursday night all summer long, so expect a full post about it next week.

So stop living your life trapped in that car! Get out, enjoy the fresh air and participate. Tell us your best bike-commuting tips on Twitter, Facebook or in the comment section below!

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