Weekend Round-Up: 3/16-3/18

Yeah, this week’s weather made me crazy too. But would it really feel like mid-March without the cantaloupe-sized hail, random snow flurries and monsoon-like rain all interspersed with moments of blinding sunshine? Not for a true Seattlite. Really, we should know that there are only two ways to cope with the depression that overwhelms us this time of year when reading Facebook updates from your non-Seattle friends talking about 70 degree weather and sunny skies- dive headfirst into some vacation planning and keep yourself really, really busy. We can’t help you plan your vacation (well, actually, I’ll answer any question in the comment section), but we can help fill your calendar with an awesome weekend. Without further ado, this is how to keep from thinking about the rain this weekend:

Did we miss anything? Do you have a new study on the danger of green food coloring in beer or an awesome cabbage recipe we should try? Tell us anything and everything on Facebook, Twitter or in the comment section below.


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