FREE Scout Mint Ice Cream at Molly Moon’s!

You like Girl Scout Cookies, right? Of course you do. And I don’t even need to ask about ice cream- everybody* likes ice cream. So if I tell you that Molly Moon is giving away FREE Scout Mint Ice Cream today, you’re going to be pretty darn happy, aren’t you? Well there you go- I just made your Monday.

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Starting at noon today, all of the Molly Moon Scoop Shops (Capitol Hill, Wallingford, Madrona and Queen Anne) are handing out FREE kid-sized scoops of Scout Mint, their super-popular seasonal flavor that features real bits of delicious Thin Mints. (Oh, and downtowners, don’t feel left out- you get FREE ice cream too at the Molly Moon’s inside The Chocolate Box- you just have to wait untill 3:00pm for yours.) All ages are entitled to join in the free-ice-cream-palooza- you just have to be willing to wait in line a tiny bit. (Or a really long bit- we’ve all stood in line outside a Molly Moon’s before. Getting your hands on some Salted Caramel can be a major time commitment.) The free ice cream giveaway is in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America, and as a former Girl Scout who really loves ice cream, I personally would like to express my gratitude.

Supplies are limited, so block out some time on your calendar now. It’s a rainy Monday and you deserve a treat. Go get your FREE ice cream! And if you see a Girl Scout slyly standing outside your local grocery store, use the money you saved to pick up an extra box of Samoas. It’s paying it forward with sugar.

*Seriously, have you ever met anybody who doesn’t like ice cream? Maybe some people can’t have it because of a dietary restriction, but I’ve never ever met anybody who just didn’t like ice cream. I think that universal love of ice cream may, in fact, be the key to creating world peace. Discuss this theory or come up with a better one on Facebook, Twitter or in the comment section below.

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