Giveaway: Get Clean, Smell Amazing with Beautanicals

UPDATE: Hey guys, the giveaway has ended, but you can still get a sweet 20% discount on Beautanicals products if you enter YAY20 at checkout. Give great gift this year!


I love the holidays- I really do. But somewhere between the third trip to the mall (and the inevitable shame spiral you fall into after you succumb to the aroma of the Cinnabun) and the idea of spending 2 whole weeks in my parents house (2 weeks!), I start to get a little tense, to say the least. I’m trying to rethink some of my previous attempts at coping mechanisms (eye twitches and heavy drinking), so this yeah, I’m scheduling in a little me-time every day by upgrading my bath ritual with some amazing handmade soaps, bath salts and other beauty products from Beautanical. Not only are these products handmade by a local Seattlite (and friend of mine) with the purest ingredients and lots of love, they have the power to turn even the tiniest apartment shower into a trip to the spa. Let me tell you about them, find out how Yay-Today readers can get an exclusive 20% discount on all products, and then enter for a chance to WIN a FREE 4-pack Soap Sampler Kit. It’s good, clean fun!

Feeling dirty? Then scrub your skin (sorry, we can’t do anything for dirty minds- just embrace it) with some of the bar soaps from Beautanical. Regular soap, besides being filled with 10,000 chemicals that you can’t pronounce and may cause lots of nasty side effects, just doesn’t cut it. So toss your Ivory (and the moisture-stripping film it leaves behind) and stock your shower full of Beautanical bars. They come in 4 amazing scents, including lavendar, patchouli, citrus and peppermint. (Sarah sent me a bar of the citrus scent and I’m addicted. Guess what my family is getting as stocking stuffers?) These natural soaps are great for kids and adults alike and they make AMAZING gifts. And guys, let me give you a pro tip: If you invite a girl over and she spies this stuff in your shower, you’re pretty much golden. A guy who actually takes care of himself and has good soap for your morning shower is just HOT.

In addition to the bar soaps, Beautanical also makes a collection of bath salts featuring exclusive blends of essential oils that make you feel good. Pamper aching muscles (mall trips are hard), get over your cold or flu faster, zen out or de-stress with proprietary blends you can only get from Beautanicals. Bonus: the bath salts are only $15.00 for an entire pound. That’s right, not only is this stuff amazing, it’s affordable.

I can’t end this post without telling you about my absolute favorite Beautanicals product ever though- the Cleansing Grains. The blue bottle ($15) contains a magical green powder that smooths your skin (thank you winter weather) without being the slightest bit irritating. And trust me, if something can be irritating, my skin will let you know (usually by turning bright red at inopportune times). I’m totally obsessed and cannot stop talking about them- if you’ve been looking for a good exfoliator, get this stuff. NOW. (Also, guys, regular exfoliation with Cleansing Grains will help end those nasty ingrowns you’re always dealing with.)

You can win this!

So yeah, I kind of like this stuff.  You will too, and we’re making it really easy for you to try out this fabulous line of products. Ready to buy? Head to and enter YAY20 at checkout and you’ll get 20% off any purchase. Thanks Sarah! In the meantime, enter to WIN a FREE Soap Sampler Pack ($28 value) from Beautanical by leaving a comment below telling us your favorite holiday survival technique. We can’t spend all day in the bath tub, so we want to know how you stay sane this time of year, whether it’s jumping jacks or Jack Daniels.

The contest ends at midnight on Wednesday, December 7. Share and win!

9 Responses to “Giveaway: Get Clean, Smell Amazing with Beautanicals”

  1. Terumi says:

    I try to exercise regularly so I feel healthy despite all the indulging;) And yes, definitely bubble baths.

  2. elise oras says:

    Favorite Holiday Survival Technique? Not going home for the holidays.

  3. Lydia-Carlie says:

    Setting a budget and getting holiday gifts shoppping out of the way early!

  4. Jenn Shin says:

    A balance between taking time to myself to things on my own (fitness or errands), spending time with family by helping them around the house and discovering something new about ‘home’.

  5. Julia Williams says:

    Shopping early, relaxing later.

  6. Angela says:

    I turn off my phone and take a moment to enjoy all I have to be thankful for.

  7. Tina says:

    Love this giveaway Aubrey!

    My holiday survival technique is leaving the country during the holidays and experiencing international festivities across 6 countries. And after traveling so much a good bath with a fantistic bar of soap is needed ;-)

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Annie J says:

    Knitting furiously and watching trashy TV.

  9. Rita says:

    Survival of the holidays:
    long bike rides, strong gin and tonics :)

    I also bake a lot of cookies, but that’s really a “life” survival tactic for me, it transcends the holidays.

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