FREE Food Monday: Ice Cream, Tacos & Sliders, Oh My!

Happy Monday everybody. Seriously- today we have two ways you can get your free food fix. Happy Mondays do exist.

In Hawaii, Aloha means hello and good-bye. In Seattle, it evidently means “FREE FOOD.” Well, I may prefer Hawaii’s weather, but I think this interpretation finally means that we’ve got them beat on something. At least that’s how I’m interpreting this awesome bit of news from @curb_cuisine, the folks behind Marination Mobile and Marination Station:

I’ve never heard of Aloha Customer Day before, but if it means that I get one of Marination’s delicious tacos or sliders for FREE, then it’s my new favorite holiday. Hike up Capitol Hill to their brick and mortar location, Marination Station, on Wednesday, 11/2, or head over to their truck in Fremont and claim your taco or slider. Your tummy will thank you.

Can’t wait until Wednesday to get your free nosh on? Fine, we’ll whet your whistle with another chance at something FREE and yummy. Bluebird Ice Cream is getting a fancy new ice cream truck today, and to celebrate, they’re giving out FREE scoops when it arrives at their Phinney Ridge Shop. Buy one scoop, get another free. (Yes, I realize that you may not necessarily need MORE sugar today of all days, but it’s FREE. Live it up.)

Just added- more FREE ice cream! Molly Moon’s is giving out FREE “spoon sundaes” to anybody in costume today. Sure, a spoon sundae is small (just a spoonful of pumpkin clove ice cream topped with whipped cream and hot fudge), but it’s mighty. And free.

There now, don’t you feel better? It’s amazing how the promise of FREE ice cream and tacos will make any Monday a helluva lot better.

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