Weekend Round-Up: 10/28-10/31 (Bonus Halloween Edition)

What’s the scariest thing about Halloween? In my opinion, it’s the fact that it means October is already over. Yeah, time flies like a mofo starting this time of year. Anyway, here’s the skinny on all the happenings around town this weekend (and beyond- with Halloween happening on a Monday this year, it’s practically a 3 day weekend, so we’re just going to treat it like one and include Monday’s festivities on this list).

(photo courtesy of flickr user cthulhuwho1)

  • Just added! Afraid that all the good parties already happened? Relax, and get ready to wear your costume for a 4th day in a row. Neumos is having a FREE party, with music, booze and baby tossing!
  • Don’t waste your money on lunch on Friday- save it and buy some extra candy. The Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University is offering free lunch plus a chance to hang out with cool artist people from 12:00-1:00pm. Go, eat, get yo’ art on.
  • If you find yourself wandering by Seattle Community College and you see monsters, don’t be afraid. They’re part of a weekend-long public art installation, and they’re just begging for silly, half-drunk photo opportunities. Do it. And then put your stupid pictures on our facebook page.
  • The Sorrento Hotel, which hosts one of our other most favorite FREE events (Silent Reading Night), is letting folks tour their Haunted Suite all weekend for FREE. Yay!
  • What’s better than candy? Ice cream! Full Tilt is opening their new location in Ballard on Friday, and they’re celebrating with a costume party and a pinball tournament. Start the sugar rush early.
  • Even the Occupy Seattle kids are getting in on the Halloween fun- they’re having a massive pumpkin carving party in Westlake Park on Sunday night.
  • There is an epic Halloween Pub Crawl planned for Saturday downtown. No covers, happy hour prices at all participating locations and the chance to hang out with lots of other Halloween fanatics.
  • Century Ballroom is hosting a Halloween Disco Ball on Saturday. What else do you need to know?
  • Monday is more than just Halloween- it’s the Fremont Troll’s 21st birthday! Celebrate the Troll’s big birthday at Trolloween, hosted by the Fremont Arts Council. Something tells me there are going to be some very elaborate costumes at this shindig.
  • Man cannot live on candy alone, so round out your diet by filling up at Seattle Center’s Mobile Feast. No admission charge for access to more than 20 delicious food trucks. Nom nom nommity nom.
  • Want even more amazing suggestions for Halloween festivities? Check out the great lists on CHS Blog and Sauced, Seattle Met’s blog all about booze.

So now you know what to do for Halloween- now it’s time to start throwing together a costume. Dig deep, don’t take the slutty route, and send any extra Reeses Peanut Butter Cups my way. They’re my favorite.

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