Cider Press: The latest free (and not so easy, but probably kinda fun) Seattle trend

As far as the typical Seattle DIY/Urban Farmer goes, I think your life probably looks a little like this: rent a goat, get chickens for your yard, go to a beekeeper class, have an obscene collection of mason jars and then can everything you can get your hands on. Well, now that it’s Fall it’s time to put down the compost and start the latest new trend: CIDER PRESSING!

Photo courtesy of Tecfan

I’ve been anticipating the next pressing (ugh, I didn’t mean to do that) event, since I seem to keep missing them every weekend due to napping, painting and more napping (life is hard, I tell ya). But this weekend may just be the winner. And if not, well, heck – I can just do it my own damn self.

Case in point:
1. I stumbled upon the West Seattle Tool Library website and noticed that they have a cider press to loan to you FOR FRIGGIN’ FREE! I am beyond excited that they have something I could actually use. And sure, the Viaduct is ruining my chances of ever getting to West Seattle for the next 2 weeks, but whatever – I can wait for a free friggin’ cider press.

2. Coincidentally, a few days after my West Seattle discovery, Miss Aubrey then sent me this very interesting article about making my own cider press with, what else, a french press. Duh, that’s awesome. Alas, I don’t own a French press but The Kitchn also offers another fun way to make your apples into cider. Read on to learn more.

3. Then, that same week I was also sent yet another message from the apple fairy. This time to go to a Seattle Tilth party, complete with, you guessed it – Cider Pressing. It’s happening this weekend, along with their Halloween party. And honestly, I can’t think of anything better than squeezing apples in my slutty nurse outfit. Can you?

So there you go. Make apples into juice. The world is telling me, so I’m telling you too.

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