Seattle Restaurant Week Giveaway: So Nice We Did it Twice

Pants feeling a little tighter this morning? Maybe that’s because you spent last week taking full advantage of Seattle Restaurant Week, one of the most gastronomically magical times of the year. Well, don’t swear off $28 dinners and $15 lunches at some of Seattle’s finest dining destinations just yet, because you’re only halfway done. Oh, and we’ve got yet another $50 gift certificate to give away.

Yeah, you heard me right- you’ve got another chance to win  $50 to use at any restaurant participating in Seattle Restaurant Week this year. That’s over 150 restaurants to choose from! And don’t worry about trying to get a last minute reservation secured by Thursday- you can use this gift certificate all year long. So even if you’re one of the people who don’t give Restaurant Week the kind of love that my frugal belly does, then you should still enter this contest. Finally, something we can all agree on.

Okay, so here’s how to enter this week’s contest- and no, you don’t have to leave another comment. (Of course, if you want to tell us about something amazing you ate last week, please do! I still need to decide where my dinner is coming from.) Nope, this time you head over to our Facebook page, give us a like, and enter our first-ever, real-deal, official Facebook contest. You have until Thursday to show us some love and enter. And while you’re at it, be a pal. Post your entry on your wall, tell your friends to enter, and make it a point to tell strangers how awesome Yay-Today is. That way we can keep supplying you with awesome contests and giveaways, and maybe, if your friend wins, he or she will take you out to dinner with them.

Gooooo team! Want to talk about this awesome contest, or any of the other stuff we post about. Facebook, twitter, comments- you know the deal.

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  1. Cynch says:

    Love Seattle Restaurant Week. Being a Foodie with a tight budget feeding a family of 6 – it’s rare we can enjoy good food for a mere fraction of the price and Seattle Restaurant Week made it possible! Thank you!

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