Weekend Round-Up: October 21-23

I’m sick and tired. No, really. I got the typical beginning of the season case of the cold. Stupid people come to work stupid sick and then my magic potions can’t seem to fight all their stupid colds at once. And then I have to work too, so I come into the office and then the cycle just keeps on going.

So with that lovely intro, I’ll leave you with some stuff I probably won’t be able to do since I’ll be in the tub steaming this itchy, runny, achy feeling away.

-This Sunday, head to the top floor of the Phinney Neighborhood Center from 5:30-9pm for free bartering and square dancing fun. Just bring your homemade pickles and trade with someone’s homemade beets. Plus, a potluck! I love Fall, man.

-If you haven’t heard, the Viaduct will be no more. Go and say goodbye for free on Saturday.

-Wanna trade? A good friend of ours is starting up a program called Backyard Barter, and they’re kicking off their first trade-o-rama on Sunday. No money changes hand, but you can trade homemade jam for backyard chicken eggs, or pickles for canned tomatoes, or whatever else your heart desires.

-Check out the new and improved Neptune with a morning marching band performance on Saturday at 11am.

-Dish It Up is usually kinda pricey, but on Saturday you’ll get a complimentary Indian food and Wine Pairing demo. Yum!

-It’s Free Fry Friday yet again at Pike Street Fish Fry from 5-7pm.

-RSVP to Thread and for $5 you’ll get to check out and buy the latest and greatest clothes from selected indie designers. It’s like Urban Craft Uprising for clothes only. Go. It’s awesome (I can attest). Added: Reader Kat just clued us in that you can get fancy VIP tickets for half price from the nice folks at Daily Candy!

-Get your craftiness ready before the holidays start. LA’s Splendid finally makes its way to Bellevue with a Grand Opening celebration and you’re invited.

-Oh, just look how nice Volunteer Park Cafe is. Spend the day carving your pumpkin and enjoy yummy treats (which I’m sure costs money, but still – they put it all together for you like one lovely Fall package of memories).

Well, there goes your entire weekend. As per usual, leave us comments below, share photos of your weekend adventures on Facebook or talk to us on Twitter. Have a good one!


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