Uber: Road Rage Begone

Now that the Viaduct is really, truly (no seriously, really, right?) getting torn down, Seattle is basically gonna be one big traffic shit show. Honestly, if you need to get downtown or to SODO or anywhere really, just prepare yourself – the next two weeks will suck.

(photo courtesy of flickr user jdnx)

Luckily there’s Uber to save you from white knuckling it through rush hour. What the heck is Uber, you ask? It’s only the coolest driving service ever invented. Better than a cab, because you don’t have to talk to anyone. You just text where you’re at and within minutes a pro driver (hopefully someone that looks kinda like Ryan Gosling in Drive) will pick you up curbside and take you wherever your lazy or drunk butt wants to go.

And because Uber is uber awesome, they’re giving everyone in Seattle a special deal. A whole 50% off every ride within Seattle (no airport rides, please). All you have to do is download their app. Then, when you need a fancy car to pick you up from Monday, October 24 – Thursday, October 27, simply use the promo code “FUBAR” before your ride.

Boom bam done! You’re welcome.

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