Musical Plates: White Moustache Tours Keeps You (and Your Wallet) Full

As my pants know all too well, Seattle has a lot of good food. The city may be small (and yes, Mr. I-never-get-around-to-hanging-out-in-Columbia-City-because-it’s-9-miles-from-Ballard, Seattle is a pretty small city geographically), but almost every corner is hiding it’s own culinary delight. If you find yourself in a gastronomic rut, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s time to get out and do some research- delicious, delicious research. To help point you to some of the best food that you aren’t eating yet, I’ve enlisted Bryce Lathrop, the Head Storyteller at White Moustache Tours, hands down the very best food tour you can find in Seattle. He hit me with a double whammy of discounted delights- first, his Favorite Seattle Cheap Eats, and then news of a new tour White Moustache is offering called Musical Plates, where you can spend 3 hours discovering some of the best nosh in the city and hear live music performed by local band Goldfinch for just $50! Food, music and frugality, together as one? I’m really excited about this.

Most food tours involve a lot of walking around, a couple of samples on toothpicks and a strict timetable. White Moustache Tours are anything but- food tours with Bryce are entirely customizable, based on your preferences, and curated by a man who really loves his food and will take you to places that the guide books don’t even know exist yet. The only downside is that his tours are spendy- well worth the splurge, but not everybody can afford $200 for 2 people for 2 hours (prices do include all food and booze). That’s why I’m so happy he’s introducing a new option for the rest of us. The new Musical Plates Tour is a 3 hour whirlwind through Seattle’s culinary scene with live music. The inaugural tour happens Sunday, November 6, and if you buy tickets by October 19th, it’s only $48 a pop. Grab the foodie nearest and dearest to your heart and make it happen.

In the meantime, (mostly because I was hungry when I emailed him), I asked Bryce to share his 5 Favorite Cheap Eats in Seattle. Always the overachiever, he sent 6. (That’s a man who is dedicated to gluttony). Grab $5 and start exploring!

I can’t wait to start eating! If you see any of your favorites missing from this list, why not share them with us in the comment section below, or on twitter or facebook? Speaking of facebook, I really suggest you go LIKE our page ASAP, because we’ll be doing a secret giveaway just for Facebook fans tomorrow. (Curious what we’re up to? I’ll give you a hint- it’s just peachy.)


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