Best Butcher: Armed and Delicious

I’m going to have to start paying more attention to what kind of shoes Mark Zuckerberg is wearing- evidently, he is THE go-to person when it comes to predicting the latest fashion. First he made social networking so commonplace that my parents call me asking why I’m not posting more on facebook, and now he’s making butchery the hot new trend. Well, maybe this is one arena where we Seattlites already have him beat- thanks to a plethora of great options for delicious, ethically-raised meat options, we’ve been hot for butchers since we were still on MySpace. No wonder we make butchery a spectator sport- you can watch some of the finest butchers in the Pacific Northwest show off their skills and vie for the title of Best Butcher on Wednesday, June 8, 6:00pm at Whole Foods Roosevelt.

The Best Butcher Competition is FREE to watch, and you might even find yourself cheering for your favorite contestant. Seriously- whether you grew up watching your grandma slaughter chickens in your suburban backyard (like my husband) or didn’t touch meat until you were 25 (like me), I do think it’s a good thing to know where your food comes from. Watching these pro butchers in action will not only help you appreciate the stuff your eating (and hopefully think more about where it comes from), but it will also help you learn a little more about different cuts of meat. (And when it comes to cooking, the more you know, the less you waste money eating out.) You’ll also be able to see who our region is sending to the big global finals at Meatopia (yeah, that’s a thing)- gotta support the homeland!

So come watch the finest butchers we have to offer compete cleaver-to-cleaver! You might just learn to think of your food in a whole new way. (And don’t worry, if you’re not feeling particularly carniverous post-butchery, just head next door to Thrive for some awesome vegan gelato. Nom.)

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