Pamper your piggies

Short Story: If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit in the way of atmosphere, you can get an hour long foot massage for less than $30.

For some people, massage is all about the experience: the comforting sound of Enya, the soothing aroma of lavender wafting, and the gentle smile of your friendly masseuse.  But all that multi-sensory delight comes at a pretty steep price.  When you’re low on cash and need a rubdown, head to Chinatown.

I first discovered the joys of cheap foot massage in LA, where population density and price wars drive the cost down to $10 in some locations during certain times of the day.  But while Seattle may not have as many, we do have options, like Imperial Foot Massage, located on Jackson Street in the International District.  For a mere $29, you get a full 60 minutes of foot-rubbing bliss (with a nice nod to your neck and back as well).  Don’t get me wrong- for this price, you shouldn’t come in expecting a 4 star treatment.  Instead, you’ll be sharing a room with a dozen other clients (dont’ worry- everybody is fully clothed) and your masseuse will more than likely have a small language barrier to overcome.

But when it’s over, you’ll feel like a million bucks and be able to use the money you saved on a new, more comfortable pair of shoes.  Score!

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